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W. D. Gann's The Tunnel Thru The Air Or, Looking Back From 1940 is book that contains a secret not mentioned anywhere else (except in one course that Gann sold for a brief period of time before withdrawing it from the market). Obviously 1940 is the number of days (there's his infamous error of 1 even in this calculation). 


It teaches a few lessons:

1. Everything is cyclical in nature and history repeats

2. Astrology works when applied in a scientific way

3. Most importantly - how astrology works (truth is in fact stranger than fiction, you won't believe when you see it)


Gann advises the reader to read the book 3 times to understand the secret. I recommend 6-7 readings. The book is littered with the secret - it's everywhere except poems and some other "fillers" to ensure correct pagination. You need the right mindset. If you have studied and applied Gann's courses, the book is super easy and will help you to take your knowledge to the next level. The book is a classic on how to apply master numbers 9 and 7 mentioned in one of Gann's advertisements. 


The book ends on page 418. Neptune had moved 58 degrees from Robert Gordon's date of birth. This also explains Neptune glyph looking planes on the front of the jacket of the book. 


The book's date is May 9, 1927. Up to page 102, Gann is discussing the past and page 103 onwards, he is discussing the future in the following 315 pages.


Robert Gordon was born with Jupiter-Sun-Mercury conjunction. I suggest you check important events in his life and the aspects between (among) these planets. Jupiter-Sun are known to bring peace despite Jupiter being retrograde when the pair forms a trine aspect.


Marie was supposed to be found near water and a mystery. I suggest you check Neptune Moon aspects when she disappeared and reappeared 70 moon cycles later. Please feel free to check Neptune-Moon's Node aspects and DJIA important highs and lows. 


There's a good reason why the chapter 34 on page 392 was deliberately misnumbered as XXXIX instead of XXXIV. This is a classic example of Gann making a deliberate error like the ones he made in his letters and courses. For Robert Gordon's 7 days, please check which planet moved 7 degrees. Robert was a warrior and an inventor.


There are all sorts of a.m. and p.m. times in the book. Just have a closer look.


Tokyo J-1 is Jupiter for the following reasons:

The ship is 600 fee long - Jupiter is 600 million miles away from Earth

It carried 25 bombing planes - Jupiter's Great Red Spot is 25,000 miles across

It's a giant ship - Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system

It was estimated that more than 100 officers and aviators were aboard the airship when it fell. All but two (98) were killed. Jupiter was at 8 degrees Cancer or 98 degrees.

El Paso - Passage to the North. J-1 is described on page 287. The angle between Moon's North Node and Jupiter was 288.

An officer was taking photographs (Neptune) or observations - Jupiter was Robert's natal Neptune.

Based on the angles listed in the book, it is obvious that Gann knew what Sepharial knew but Sepharial didn't know what Gann knew. Walter was good but not as good as Robert was.

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