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The following is extract from the book titled, "W. D. Gann Declassified" that I am working on. Time permitting, IF the book is completed, it will be available on this website free of charge and without any copyright. (I didn't spend 22 years researching Gann to sell books and more importantly, it's Gann's work not mine).


We use 11 planets whose orbits are elliptical (the Moon being an exception because its orbit around Earth is nearly circular) are represented in a circle (cycle). Although their cycles repeat, they don’t trace any of their previous elliptical paths. All you have to figure out is how the planetary transits work. I will keep it a secret as to how they work and will point any willing reader in the right direction. Also, there’s no need to repeat because W.D. Gann has already disclosed his method through his books and courses and can be reverse engineered.


The following work but not consistently:

  1. Square, semi-square, trine, sextile etc. aspects to natal positions

  2. Blind repetition of cycles – both individual planet and planetary pair cycles


Here are some hints to reverse engineer W. D. Gann's system:

1. Use planetary transits only. Avoid “calculating methods” such as directions, progressions, dasas, firdaria etc. There are too many points and too many misses.

2. Study and apply harmonics – squares and cubes of natural numbers, and divisions of 360 degrees. They are important enough to be cast in stone (pyramids).

3. You must have the correct beginning point. The cycles work beautifully from the correct beginning point. They are not random. Once you have the point and the cycle, it will last the instrument's lifetime. Only count points where major moves have taken place – blips don’t count.

4. There are cycles within cycles. Don’t ignore faster/smaller planets and use both large and small cycles. The little guys bring enormous accuracy to timing. Every planet is important.

5. Configuration of planets in natal horoscope is very important in figuring out how cycles work for a particular person / thing / stock / commodity / currency / country etc. whose horoscope you are looking at.

6. To achieve the results like W. D. Gann did, don’t settle for just heliocentric cycles in the name of simplicity, use geocentric cycles as well. 

7. At important highs and lows, there are always planets at square(s) or trine(s) to one or more natal position(s). For simplicity, I count conjunctions and oppositions as part of the square and they are very strong.


8. Cycles repeat and so do prices.


9. Planets take prices with them wherever they go. For the cycles to be valid, prices must conform to them. That’s how you figure out where a stock price is going to go and by when. Otherwise, you may think you have figured out the vibration. In reality it is just noise that will eventually disappear regardless of the number of repetitions of the cycle you think is valid.

10. Gann angles (fans) are not drawn randomly nor in straight lines. Once you understand them, there won't be any need to draw them.

11. Test your calculations/understanding using market data on yourself and your family/friends. If the system you have “figured out” from price action does not explain important events in your and family/friends’ lives, it won’t work in the markets either - it's just a fluke.

12. TTTA covering 1940 days has the following teachings:

  • The science of astrology works

  • Cycles repeat. You have to have proper (this is the keyword) study of repetition of astrological cycles – just like Robert Gordon did 

  • A person’s future can be known from his natal horoscope. (Robert Gordon, Marie, General Motors etc. horoscopes)


13. Follow the trend like W. D. Gann did. Let the market tell its own story. Use stop orders. Let profits run. Use naked charts. Wait for price action to validate your calculations.

Here's the secret in Gann's own words:

"Under the instructions for the Master Timing Angles, you will find how far each timing angle had moved from the time Steel was incorporated up to the time it made extreme top. Study these timing angles and you will see what happens when each of the timing angles reach 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 90, 120, 135, 157 1/2, 180, 210, 225, 240, 270, 300, 315, 330, 345, and 360 months, the equivalent of 360 degrees. Under the Master Timing Angles we also show you what happens when the timing angles #5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 cross the other timing angles, or the place where they were at the time Steel was incorporated. Of course these same rules can be applied to any other stock. You can see what happens when each of these Master Timing Angles returns to the same place it was at the time Steel was incorporated, or to the same place when any extreme high or low price is reached. You will learn when these Master Timing Angles return to the same place or to the same angle or degree from which they started. Therefore you will know the exact measurements of cycles according to moving energy. The instructions on the Master Timing Angles give you the cause of all market movements and they can be worked out ahead as far as the year 2000. The figures which we will use are figures made by the United States Government astronomers and are therefore absolutely accurate. A careful study of all these figures and a comparison of the movements of the various stocks will convince you of their value."

May the omnipresent conscious grant you success in trading and other future endeavours.

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